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No Cost, No Contract, No Experience Required

Whether you're a recent CDL graduate with little/no experience or you're completely new to the trucking industry, Celadon Driving Academy has a program to get you the entry-level experience you need to jump-start your career.

Celadon Trucking operates an approved Department of Labor apprentice training program through the academy. This program tests the approved applicants on their driving skills with a quick refresher course and then set out on the road to develop the skills they need while earning an entry-level wage.

We're also approved through the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay out veterans' GI Bill benefits as part of their on-the-job training! Check out our Veterans apprenticeship page for more details or contact your state apprenticeship office to start the registration process.

What You Can Expect

While you're here at the school, we take care of your everyday needs so you can focus on the training. When you come to our state-of-the-art training facility at Celadon, you can expect the following from our program and from our training staff:


What We Expect

All applicants must contact their state apprenticeship office first and apply for the Department of Labor program before registering through Celadon Trucking or CDA. You'll also be required to provide the following proof of your previous CDL training:

  • Certification from a qualifying 3rd-party school
  • Proof of a minimum of 160 hours' training
  • Class-A CDL was obtained within the past 90 days (solo or team) or 120 days (team only)

Once you're registered with your state office, give us a call at (855) 727-5698 to get enrolled with us!

What's the Pay?

Hold your horses, we're getting there! OK...we're there.

Team Driving - 5,000-6,000 miles/week

  • 0-6 months - $0.23/mile ($1,150-$1,380/week average)
  • 6+ months - $0.25/mile ($1,250-$1,500/week average)
  • $8,000 Team Loyalty Reward
    • Keep driving with Celadon and we'll reward your loyalty
    • Split $2,000 after 30k, 60k, 90k and 120k miles driven as a Celadon team
  • Team Productivity Bonus
    • Drive more miles, earn a higher bonus
    • Split $0.06 - 17k-19k miles/month
    • Split $0.07 - 19k-20,999 miles/month
    • Split $0.08 - 0ver 21k  miles/month

Solo Driving - 2,500-3,000 miles/week

  • 0-3 mo. experience - $0.29/mile ($725-$870/week average)
  • 3-6 mo. experience - $0.31/mile ($775-$930/week average)
  • 6+ mo. experience - $0.33/mile ($825-$990/week average)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You must have received a minimum of 160 hours training and provide certification from a qualifying 3rd party school, obtained Class A CDL within the past 120 days, and pass Celadon’s Safety Assessment.

    All military veterans holding a valid Class A CDL, with ability to provide a DD214, and pass Celadon’s Safety Assessment.

    No, you are under no contractual obligations.

    No, there is no cost to you.

    You are not paid during the evaluation, but you are paid $125 for Orientation. All lodging and meals are also provided for both phases.

    On average, it takes between 4 to 5 weeks to complete your 10,000 miles.

    Yes, but as a new driver you should anticipate being an over the road driver (all 48 states) until you have gained some experience behind the wheel.

    2 weeks out, 2 days home

    Unfortunately, we do not provide tuition reimbursement.

    No, we do not buy out contracts.